My son has officially finished his first year of preschool and my daughter has just thirteen days of kindergarten left. I’m amazed and proud at how much they’ve both grown and learned since September. At the same time, I feel pangs of sadness at how quickly all the changes transpired. My babies are no longer babies…or even toddlers, for that matter.  The juxtaposition of holding on and letting go seems to be deeply woven into my experience of motherhood. There is celebration mixed with bittersweetness time and time again. Moving up from one grade to the next is certainly cause for celebration. Big smiles, balloons, popsicles and special lunches have been part of our days lately, but there there have also been some quiet tears (of my own) over bidding farewell to this phase of my children’s lives.


At the moment, I’m trying to be rather than think (I’m an overthinker, you see). The sun is shining after a string of rainy days, the blue sky is decorated with puffy white clouds, and I’ve set out to simply notice the hallmarks of today. Right now my son loves numbers, his yellow fireman boots, Legos, washi tape (it’s true!), his blue t-shirt with the swoosh on it, working outside with Dada (especially when remote controls and safety helmets are involved), and racing over to the kitchen clock to tell the time. My daughter does not like it when her brother beats her to the kitchen clock to tell the time, but she does love cats (our long-haired tortie most of all), reading library books, her big pink unicorn, writing in her journal, cooking surprise breakfasts, swinging in the hammock, and tending her flower garden. Even though the academic year is almost over and I’m having trouble letting go, I also feel certain that there will be plenty of fun and lots of wonder ahead. One stage of their schooling may be concluding, but there is no end in sight to my daughter’s creativity or my son’s curiosity. All the more reason to celebrate.


From me to you, here and now…