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This month, we’ve been exploring what it means to feel content.  It’s been a pleasure to see the ways this appears in our community’s lives.  From the comforts of home to the love of family and pets, there’s a certain ease that appears…a certain yes, of course, this is the way.  There are feelings of warmth and joy, feelings of play and determination, feelings of joyful effort and release.  As we’re rounding into the busy holiday season, it’s especially nice to pause and celebrate our experiences of contentment.


We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring this theme with us.  We invite you to continue tagging your images #content #makingsofmotherhood for the next few days…we’ll find you in our Instagram community pool!  Please follow us @makingsofmotherhood to stay abreast of future themes (our final theme for 2017 is coming soon!) as well as to be notified of new posts published in this space.  Wishing you contented days as we close this month and prepare to move into the next.


From us to you, here and now…
Jennifer and Michelle