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This month, we’ve been playing with the way sweet appears in our lives.  It’s wonderful to think of the range of this one word, this one taste, this one sentiment.  Sometimes sweet is all about sneaking that treat, or asking for one.  Sometimes sweet accompanies a letting-go as we parent our fast-growing children.  Sometimes sweet is a tug of the heart when we watch our children being curious and, well…sweet.  As mamas, we are well-acquainted with the challenges and hurdles we face daily.  Taking some time to think about the way sweetness pops into our days can be a balm to the weary soul.


Today, we’re sharing four beautiful glimpses of sweet from our community pool on Instagram.  We hope you’ve enjoyed exploring what sweet means to you.  We invite you to continue tagging your images #sweet #makingsofmotherhood through the end of October.  On November first, we’ll be sharing a new prompt over on Instagram.  Then, the two of us will be here during the month sharing our takes on that prompt.  We hope to see you there, and here.  Now go enjoy something sweet, mama…whatever that means for you.  You deserve it.


From us to you, here and now…
Jennifer and Michelle