I’m probably not the best person to talk about being content right now because I’m sick. I find it rather challenging to be pleased with my current situation when that includes congested lungs, an aching body, and a fever that might not have broken after all. As I type this from a bed piled high with blankets, I’m just now realizing that my understanding of contentment is deeply intertwined with comfort. Too much so, in fact. I think I can’t possibly be content because I’m so uncomfortable right now, but what if I look at a different definition of content: being in a state of peaceful happiness?
It turns out I did experience moments of peaceful happiness today, like when I had enough energy to go for a walk after two days without. The fresh air and changing leaves were fantastic. Getting through several loads of laundry this afternoon was pretty awesome, too, considering the circumstances. Hearing what a great day my daughter had at school also made me feel content. Resting on the couch and watching cartoons with my little boy (who has the same bug as me) was pretty special while it lasted, as well. And then there is our kitty, Clover, who just so happens to have turned two yesterday. She loves cardboard boxes so much that my daughter and I cut a window in one a couple months ago, lined it with a blanket, and placed it in front of the sliding glass door. Clover epitomizes contentment on a daily basis. Seeing how pleased and satisfied she was inside her cardboard box today reminded me that the basics are what matter most, especially in light of all of the recent tragic events in the news. I am safe and so are my loved ones. I may be uncomfortable right now, but this sickness will pass. There are moments of contentment to be enjoyed, nonetheless.

From me to you, here and now…