i could tell you where we went and what we did this summer.  i could tell you of the perfect weather and delicious food.  i could tell you of the joys of having husband/father with us 24/7.  but this is what i most want to tell you…


i want to tell you of a particular morning.  the morning when my son was a sweet big brother to his little sister.  they were playing in the surf, riding the waves on the boogie board.  wave after wave, big brother got little sister ready to catch the best of waves, then gave the board a push to get her going.  the smile on her face was more or less permanent.  and i noticed that the smile on his face was more or less permanent too.  my husband and i sat on the beach watching their play, smiling inwardly and outwardly.  we exchanged a few comments about the scene playing out before us.  mostly, we sat and watched.  the sibling bickerings of  a mere hour ago were washed away on that shore.


i need mornings like that every now and then to reassure me that we’re on the right track as parents, that we’re raising individuals who will know the worth of loving and helping another.  because i think we’re teaching our kids this, but sometimes i wonder.  some days i stand in the midst of a squabble and can only shake my head.


so that morning was a gift.  a gift my son gave my daughter.  but also a gift they both gave me and my husband.  the love was evident.


so of all my vacation memories, this is the one i most wanted to share.
this is what i most wanted to tell you.


from me to you, here and now…