One definition of treasure is something or someone of great worth, esteemed as rare or precious.  My children, most definitely.  Another definition of treasure is a collection of precious things.  My life, most definitely.  And I don’t mean things as in objects because I’m not much of a collector, in that sense.  I mean things as in moments, experiences, life happenings.


Like this past weekend.  There was homemade pizza and Christmas tree decorating and Nutcracker rehearsal.  There was time to read and time to exercise and time to work on a puzzle.  There was laundry and vacuuming and tidying.  There was snow.  There was laughter.  There was a little bit of quiet.  There were tears and tangled hair.  There were fluffy blankets and flannel pajamas.  There was a furry dog and a tired-but-funny girl and a helpful boy; there was a mother and a father.  There was a house, a home, a haven.  There were treasures.


All of that in a weekend.  And the thing is, these treasured moments happen all the time.  How wild – how wonderful – is that?  What a blessed life I live.  I like to think I was always aware of the precious bits in my life.  Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t.


The important thing is to know that now I am aware of the preciousness.  Now I am aware of the tiny bits of wonderful sprinkled into my days.  Certainly, we hit snags and jump hurdles, as do all families.  But we also dance with the snowflakes on a December afternoon.  We also eat homemade pizza.  We also kiss each other good morning and good night.


My children are my treasures.  My entire life, too.  At the end of my days, I won’t be counting fancy possessions.  I’ll be turning to my heart and the memories collected there.  I’ll be celebrating the treasured moments that made me a rich woman indeed.


From me to you, here and now…