I’m in the kitchen getting things ready for dinner.  The two of them are in the next room, not bickering.  Not only are they not bickering, they’re talking and laughing.  My daughter has created a crossword puzzle as part of her science lesson, and her older brother is stumped at some of the clues.  She is helping him, and I think she must be secretly delighted.


Many days, there is tension between my two.  I suppose it’s natural sibling activity – the bickering, the disagreeing, the trying to be right-er than the other.  Many days (all the days) it exhausts me.  Truthfully, I feel sad and frustrated when yet another tense moment arises between these two.  I know they love each other.  So why do they fight; why do they feel the need to prove and disprove continually?


But this late afternoon, as I chop and dice, there is no tension.  There is no fight to be right.  Instead, there is lightness and laughter.  There is an easy feeling.  There is an assurance of love.  There is a taste of sweetness.


It’s all of fifteen minutes, perhaps only ten.  But it’s enough time to settle my heart.  It’s enough time to wipe their slates clean, enough time to mark their hearts with the love they feel for each other.  I whisper a prayer of gratitude for this interlude, carry on with my kitchen work, quietly savor the sweetness of this late afternoon.  There is more than one of us, just now, who is delighted.


From me to you, here and now…