We just celebrated a certain girl’s birthday over here.  Twelve.  Which caught me off guard in a way I wasn’t expecting.  There’s still a lot of little girl left in her; but there’s also a lot of big, almost-teenage girl in her now too.  Twelve already?  How?


Day by day, of course.


It’s cliché to say that it seems like just yesterday I was rocking her in the middle of the night (it feels the same for her brother, four years older).  But it’s true.  It feels just like yesterday.  My rational mind knows it wasn’t yesterday.  But, my heart?  My heart knows a different story.


It’s not that the days and weeks and months were a blur (though some of them were).  It’s just that my heart wasn’t flipping the calendar pages; my heart wasn’t keeping time.  My heart was loving, without regard for day of the week or time of day.


And so I find myself twelve years later with my amazing girl.  And in less than a month, I’ll be shaking my head as my amazing boy turns sixteen.  Already?  But how?


Day by day.  Steady, steady.  Keeping our current course, which zigs and zags, climbs and descends, rests.  Day by day, heart to heart.  Keeping a rhythm unique to us, allowing a story to unfold that is solely ours.  Steady, steady.  Steady as we go.


From me to you, here and now…