After turning the calendar page to October, I stood there for a moment to scan all the little boxes before me. The month has only just begun, but so many days are already filled with birthday parties, music lessons, ballet rehearsals, classes I’m teaching, and various appointments for humans as well as felines. Life is happening so fast all the time, and I regularly catch myself getting caught up in an anxious whirlwind. I almost didn’t even notice the “Sweetest Day” entry for October 21, 2017 since I had already scheduled something else right over it! Then it occurred to me again, as it has so many times before: I’m not savoring the sweet moments enough. Although #pause was our theme here last month, I was so busy I didn’t do enough of it! So this month I’m going to start off by pausing to pen a list of the sweetest parts of my days right now:

1. Smiling at the tricolored mums my daughter chose for our deck this year
2. Snuggling on the couch with my little boy as I read to him before preschool
3. Hearing the crickets chirping in the tall grasses during my morning walks
4. Sensing a chill in the air and pulling on my favorite long cardigan
5. Enjoying the rainbow of color still blooming in the zinnia garden
6. Watching my son make his grand entrance each morning after getting himself dressed (pants backwards and all!)
7. Meeting my husband in the dining room to play a hand of Mille Bornes (and winning!)
8. Proudly witnessing my daughter cross the street and board the bus all by herself each day
9. Smelling dried leaves and seasoned firewood in the yard
10. Noticing how my young library students’ eyes light up with excitement
11. Treasuring the way my son holds my arm as I tuck him in every night
12. Seeing all the little angels and little mice line up for Nutcracker rehearsal

I’m sure there are at least a dozen more lovely moments I could come up with, but these feel the sweetest right now. I don’t want to push past them just to write a longer list. This is enough. This is a snapshot of my life as the mama of a first-grader and a preschooler. These are the sweetest parts of my days. And concocted holiday or not, I really do want to plan a Sweetest Day date with my husband before too long!

What are the sweetest parts of your days right now? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below, and Michelle and I are always glad to see your words and images pop up in our MoM community pool on Instagram! Be sure to tag them #sweet #makingsofmotherhood!

From me to you, here and now…