As we turn the calendar page and find ourselves in this new month of September, we’ll be taking a short break from this space.  During this  month, we’ll press pause on posting here.  Know we’ll carry on with the work (and love) of mothering…just like you.  As we pause here, allowing ourselves time and space to settle into new schedules and routines (a new school year has begun!), we hope you’ll be reminded to allow yourself pauses as well. We hope you’ll extend grace to yourself as you settle into any new rhythms and routines in your home and in your heart.


As always, you can follow us here (subscribe below) and on Instagram.  While this space will be quiet for the month of September, we invite you to play with the idea of pause and tag your images #pause #makingsofmotherhood as you move through September.  We’re all here, together. Every day. Loving.  Mothering.  Doing the best we can.


There is virtue in work and there is virtue in rest.  Use both and overlook neither.
~Alan Cohen~


Sending you love, dear mamas.  We’ll see you back here in October!
From us to you, here and now…
Jennifer and Michelle