When I think of delicious and summer, I think of watermelon.  Without a moment’s hesitation, that’s where my taste buds lead me.  Crisp, sweet, refreshing.  We have grown watermelon in past summers, but with little success…melons grew but they were mealy and not at all tasty.  I was not especially eager to try again this year, but my daughter put in a special request and, if I’m honest, I’m a sucker for kid garden requests.


My daughter carefully tucked Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon seeds into one of our garden beds early this summer.  The vines are doing well and, just a few weeks ago, the first melons appeared. My daughter and I check on them frequently, marveling at their presence and progress.  Along with the blooming cosmos and zinnia, the watermelons are sources of delight.


I’m trying to contain my mounting excitement as we watch the melons grow, but I’m as eager as my daughter.  I can’t help myself.  Maybe this will be our summer for watermelons. Maybe this will be the summer we step out back, pluck them from the vines, and bite into a slice that is crisp, sweet, refreshing.


In the meantime, I pick up a watermelon at the store each week, forever grateful for the local farmers who have a gift for growing them. It may not be my forte to grow them, but I’m pretty good at eating them.  Delicious.  I cross my fingers for the melons growing out back.  I say to my daughter Maybe this will be the summer.


From me to you, here and now…


p.s.  not a surprise that watermelon found its way into a post of mine last summer 🙂